Ep02 – Month of Love

Hey guys it’s Mel here from Angel Ashes Pet Cremations again, just wanted to wish everybody happy February, Month of Love.

I was having a think the other day somebody asked me the question of how do I do what I do every day and it made me just think about the reasons that I do it. One of the main reasons that I think is relevant to this month February month of love and celebrating the people that you love is this is the notion that I find doing this everyday really makes me appreciate my family, my human family, my pet family and everybody that I love.

I think that one thing we all need to do on a daily basis is the fact that we need to appreciate the people that we have in our lives because unfortunately they won’t always be here so you need to take every day as a day of appreciation for them, yes February is you know Valentine’s Day, you know that’s the kind of thing where you celebrate the people that you love but why does it have to be just the one day. Why can’t it be every day and I think that’s what we should you know try and do it on a more more of a daily basis if we can, so appreciate everybody that you love while you still can and honor the ones that are gone as well and on a daily basis. So that’s my kind of speel On February the Month of Love.

We do currently have an offer online for February, if you book online it’s a $20 discount on all sales okay, so everybody comment below if you have anything to say and download our pet loss guide and just touch base and say hi if you would like to alright everybody, take care bye.

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