How we began.

After a negative experience with a pet cremation service, I was left holding an urn containing ashes I could only trust were those of my beloved cat, Oakley-Bean. With my sense of peace shattered, I wanted to provide pet owners with the peace of mind and comfort that had been taken away from me, with a guarantee that you will receive all and only your pets ashes.

I established Angel Ashes in 2008 offering pet cremations and memorial products to help you honour the life of your pet. We are on call 6 days a week for all the support you need.

Angel Ashes Pet cremations and memorials offer a personal and supportive service that only a small family team can provide. Your pet will be collected from your home or vet and after an individual cremation, the ashes returned to you along with a memorial package to help you say goodbye with love.

With every pet we cremate, we always have our Oakley-Bean in the back of our minds, and therefore treat your family member as if they were our own. We’re long-time vegans and take great pride in being able to dignify the bond between animals and people with Angel Ashes.

After all these years, we still get affected by the pets we see every day, yet helping the owner’s grieve and offering them a support system (something we never had) allows us to continue such highly emotional work every day.

If you want to honour the memory of your pet with the personal and caring service they deserve, contact us and if you are a Senior, ask for your discount or special offer.

Melanie Salter
Founder / Director

Our values

I have been an animal lover all my life – a strict vegetarian and then vegan from the age of 15 – and I always wanted to do something that would help animals. Now, not only do I get to do this every day, but I also get to help their people, too.

I service the Adelaide community 7 days with a highly personal service that is specific to Angel Ashes. Every pet is treated as if it were my own and I am available directly to you for questions or just an understanding shoulder.

Husband & wife team

Jason came to Angel Ashes in 2010 and founded Angel Memorials in 2020. Like me he is a massive animal lover and vegetarian/vegan since 25. I have spent the last 10 years helping Angel Ashes to grow and expand, increasing the amount of people who can benefit from being able to say goodbye to their pet in such a loving way here in Adelaide.

He spends everyday behind the scenes working the keyboard as well as being a full-time stay-at-home-dad.

Give your pet the best care after life

They’ve been with you for years, great company… and always…always there for you… no matter what.

So when it’s time to say goodbye… honour the memory of your loved pet and get in touch with Angel Ashes.

Angel Ashes will collect your pet from your home or vet. Then after an individual cremation, their ashes will be returned to you along with a beautiful memorial package.

A wonderful way to honour and remember your family pet.

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