Ep 03 – A day of loss

A personal loss and my thoughts.

Hi guys, it’s Mel here from Angel Ashes Pet Cremations. I just wanted to do a quick post today just in regards to something that has affected me.

I woke up this morning to some news that someone I care very much about and who has influenced my life in almost every way has passed away. Initially the shock of the news just threw me I didn’t know how to move through the day, but I knew that I had to get up and I had to get the kids dressed and I had to do breakfast and I had to do school lunch and I had to take them to school and I had to go to work and I had to just keep on going along you know life goes on.

I had to keep moving and I’m even though I felt that something was missing you know I didn’t know how to continue on how I was going to continue on and I know that a lot of you feel exactly the same way losing someone that you love is massive and the way that I was feeling this morning was that all of those memories and all of those influences were kind of woven through me in a way that made me feel now that if that person was gone, what does that leave me with, you know?

I think that what you’re left with, what all of you are left with when you lose someone you love, is that that thread all of those memories all of those influences all of that love is a thread that you can use to hold yourself together, you know you can wrap yourself up in that and be strong and get through it based on the strength of all of that you know.

Instead of thinking that something’s been taken from you think of everything that you were given you know hold on to that and use that to get you through because that’s what they would want if they are such a big influence in your life and there is a lot of that love there that’s what it’s there for you know so just keep going.

Melanie Salter

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